As a leader in a growing business, do you ever ask yourself:

We want to make the leap from unpredictable sales to proactive revenue generation, but I'm not sure how or if you have the skills or resources?

We may have sales targets, but I'm not completely confident in how much sales will really be generated this year, next year or beyond?

We want to expand into new markets or territories, but there’s too much potential risk?

If only you had someone to oversee your entire sales and marketing. If only you had a guru to help.

Say hello to SAM. Your Sales and Marketing Guru.

SAM Dashboard

SAM is a web based application that plans, manages and analyses your sales and marketing - producing predictable and scalable sales revenue.

Meet your Marketing Planner, Executor, Genuis.

Marketing. It's all about brand awareness, comms, social media, opens, clicks. Wrong. It's about creating sales revenue.

But you still need to plan and execute your marketing campaigns. After all, you've got the greatest product or service on the planet - so you want to get your message to your potential customer.

Meet SAM, your Marketing Genius.

SAM automatically tracks every interaction, every conversion.

Forget wasting money on social media clicks and time on brand awareness. With SAM as your Marketing Genius, you get sales revenue from your marketing activities and budget.

SAM, qualifying B2B sales enquiries made easy

"You've got a new sales lead". That's nice, but easy to deal with. With SAM taking care of marketing and demand generation, you're more likely to see "You've got 100 new sales leads"..... Now, that's a more interesting challenge. Out of those 100 new sales leads, who is your next customer?

You could sift through a spreadsheet or database records and manually cross check online for that gold.

Or you could turn to SAM, who will identify and match those potential customers that are a perfect choice.


Check - Leads
Check - Lead Details

Thanks to SAM, that means less time wasted on searching (and sifting out the proverbial tyre kickers) and more time on running your business.

Not just that, SAM will also nurture those less important leads automatically, there still might be gold in there!

SAM, also your Sales Qualification guru.

Forget about to do lists, reminders or spread sheets.

A potential customer is interested. But they're not ready. "Can you call me back in 2 months when I'm sure about budget?"

What do you do? Try to remember to add a reminder in your calendar and update your spread sheet?

With SAM, you've got a sales executive managing your sales activities and opportunities at every stage.

Making Sense of Data

Instead of silos of data, SAM analyses what worked, and what didn't work, across your entire sales and marketing.

Forget about click rates or impressions, SAM tells you what activities delivered sales and who your real potential customers are. Not based on emotion, but based on evidence.

SAM, your sales and marketing data analyst expert.

Check - Customer Profile Analysis
Check - Channel Analysis

SAM works straight out of the box

SAM is preconfigured for your Company/ And SAM has an easy payment system - you get everything with a simple per month payment.

No hidden module costs. No hidden add ons. Importantly, no added fluff.

SAM is designed as your Sales and Marketing Guru, instead of a "Jack of all trades, master of none" like CRMs are.

SAM, the smart, no-fuss, no-fluff, Sales and Marketing Guru.

Want SAM to join your company?

SAM is currently going through a beta testing program. If you would like to be a part of the exclusive club, get in touch.